7 CFR § 1493.5 - Criteria for agricultural commodity allocations.

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§ 1493.5 Criteria for agricultural commodity allocations.

The criteria considered by CCC in determining U.S. Agricultural Commodity allocations within a specific country or regional allocation will include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Potential benefits that the extension of Payment Guarantees would provide for the development, expansion or maintenance of the market in the importing country for the particular U.S. Agricultural Commodity under consideration;

(b) The best use to be made of the Payment Guarantees in assisting the importing country in meeting its particular needs for food and fiber, as may be determined through consultations with private buyers and/or representatives of the government of the importing country; and

(c) Evaluation, in terms of program purposes, of the relative benefits of providing Payment Guarantee coverage for sales of the U.S. Agricultural Commodity under consideration compared to providing coverage for sales of other U.S. Agricultural Commodities.