7 CFR § 15c.9 - Enforcement.

§ 15c.9 Enforcement.

(a) If USDA finds that a recipient has committed a violation of the Age Act and determines that voluntary compliance cannot be obtained, the Department shall enforce the requirements of the Age Act and this regulation through the termination of a recipient's Federal financial assistance under the program or activity involved where the recipient has violated the Age Act or this regulation. The determination of the recipient's violation may be made only after a recipient has had an opportunity for a hearing on the record before an administrative law judge.

(1) Any termination under this paragraph (a) shall be limited to the particular recipient and particular program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance or portion thereof found to be in violation of the Age Act or this regulation.

(2) No action under this paragraph (a) may be taken until:

(i) OASCR, or designee, has advised the recipient of its failure to comply with the Age Act and this regulation, and has determined that voluntary compliance cannot be obtained; and

(ii) Thirty days have elapsed after the head of the agency involved has sent a written report of the circumstances and grounds of the action to the committees of the Congress having legislative jurisdiction over the program or activity involved.

(3) An agency may defer granting new Federal financial assistance to a recipient when termination proceedings under this paragraph (a) are initiated.

(b) When an agency withholds funds from a recipient under this regulation, the Agency Head may disburse the withheld funds directly to any public or non-profit private organization or agency, or State or political subdivision of the State. These alternate recipients must demonstrate the ability to comply with this regulation and to achieve the goals of the Federal statute authorizing the Federal financial assistance.

(c) USDA may seek to achieve compliance with the Age Act and this regulation by any other means authorized by law.