7 CFR § 17.10 - Refunds and insurance.

§ 17.10 Refunds and insurance.

(a) Participant—failure to comply. The participant shall pay in U.S. dollars promptly to CCC on demand by the General Sales Manager the entire amount financed by CCC (or such lesser amount as the GSM may demand) whenever the GSM determines that the participant has failed to comply with any agreement or commitment made by the participant in connection with the transaction financed or with the applicable Agricultural Commodities Agreement between the U.S. and the participant.

(b) Adjustment refunds. All claims by importers for adjustment refunds arising out of terms of the contract or out of the normal customs of the trade, including arbitration and appeal awards, allowances, and claims for overpayment of ocean transportation, if such refunds relate to amounts financed by CCC, shall be settled by payment in U.S. dollars and such payment shall be remitted by the supplier to CCC. The remittance shall be identified with the date and amount of the original payment and the applicable purchase authorization number.

(c) Insurance on c.i.f. sales. The provisions of this paragraph apply only to transactions under purchase authorizations that specifically authorize c.i.f. sales in which the cost of insurance is included in the net c.i.f. invoice price of the commodity financed. When the supplier furnishes insurance in favor of or for the account of the importer, the policies or certificates of insurance shall include a loss payable clause which provides that all claims shall be paid in U.S. dollars to the Controller. Such payments shall be accompanied by advice of the purchase authorization number, the names and addresses of the supplier and importer, the nature of the claim, the quantity of the commodity involved in the claim, the date of shipment, the bill of lading number, and the name of the vessel. CCC will credit the account of the participant or will refund local currency in accordance with paragraph (e) of this section.

(d) Refund of ineligible amounts. If a sale has been financed and CCC determines that the sales price exceeds the price permissible under § 17.5(b)(4), or that the sale is otherwise ineligible for financing, in whole or in part, the supplier shall refund in dollars such excess price or ineligible amount to CCC promptly on demand. If not promptly refunded, such amount may be set off by CCC against monies it owes to the supplier. The making of any such refund to CCC, or any such setoff by CCC shall not prejudice the right of the supplier to challenge such determination in a court action brought against CCC for recovery of the amount refunded or set off.

(e) Refund of local currency or reduction of amount due. Immediately after receipt by CCC of U.S. dollar payment from suppliers, or from or for the account of the participant under this section, CCC will provide for payment to the participant of the local currency equivalent of dollars received, if such local currency has been deposited for the particular transaction, or will credit the participant's account as follows:

(1) For payments under this section, except paragraph (a), the local currency refunded will be at the exchange rate agreed to by the Government of the United States and the participant in effect at the time the local currency is paid to or for the account of the importer, except that if there has been a change in the exchange system or structure of the importing country or the destination country, such payment shall be made at the agreed exchange rate which was in effect on the date of dollar disbursement for the transaction financed, and except further that local currency shall not be paid when the dollars are to be reauthorized for replacement of the commodity.

(2) For payment under paragraph (a) of this section, the local currency refunded will be at the agreed exchange rate in effect on the date of the dollar disbursement for the transaction financed: Provided, that local currency will not be refunded to the extent that deposits of such currency have been made available to the participant on a grant basis.

(3) For refunds received by CCC under long-term credit agreements the participant's account shall be credited with the dollar amount refunded or otherwise recovered, and the participant notified accordingly.