7 CFR § 1710.105 - State regulatory approvals.

§ 1710.105 State regulatory approvals.

(a) In States where a borrower is required to obtain approval of a project or its financing from a state regulatory authority, RUS may require that such approvals be obtained, if feasible for the borrower to do so, before the following types of loans are approved by RUS:

(1) Loans requiring an Environmental Impact Statement;

(2) Loans to finance generation and transmission facilities, when the loan request for such facilities is $25 million or more; and

(3) Loans for the purpose of assisting borrowers to implement demand side management and energy conservation programs and on and off grid renewable energy systems.

(b) At minimum, in the case of all loans in states where state regulatory approval is required of the project or its financing, such state approvals will be required before loan funds are advanced.

(c) In cases where state regulatory authority approval has been obtained, but the borrower has failed to proceed with the project in a timely manner according to the schedule contained in the borrower's project design manual, or if there are cost overruns or other developments that threaten loan feasibility or security, RUS may require the borrower to obtain a reaffirmation of the project and its financing from the state authority before any additional loan funds are advanced.

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