7 CFR § 1735.1 - General statement.

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§ 1735.1 General statement.

(a) Subparts A through E of this part set forth the general policies, types of loans and loan requirements under the Telephone loan program.

(b) The standard RUS security documents (see 7 CFR 1744 subpart D or RUS Bulletins 320-4, 320-22, 321-2, 322-2, 323-1, 326-1) contain provisions regarding acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations. Subparts F through J of this part implement those provisions by setting forth the policies, procedures, and requirements for telephone borrowers planning to acquire existing telephone lines, facilities, or systems with RUS loan or other funds, or planning to merge or consolidate with another system. This part supersedes all RUS Bulletins that are in conflict with it.

(c) Subparts F through J of this part also detail RUS's requirements with respect to mergers and acquisitions involving RUS loan funds.

[55 FR 39395, Sept. 27, 1990; 55 FR 41170, Oct. 9, 1990]

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