7 CFR § 1744.204 - Rural development investments that do not meet the ratio requirements.

§ 1744.204 Rural development investments that do not meet the ratio requirements.

(a) Each borrower is authorized to make investments other than qualified investments only in accordance with the provisions of the borrower's mortgage with RUS. Without RUS's approval, the portion of any investment of funds or commitment to invest funds for any rural development investment that will exceed the borrower's maximum investment ratio or cause the borrower to fall below the minimum total assets ratio, must comply with the provisions of the RUS mortgage.

(b) RUS will consider, on a case-by-case basis, requests for approval of rural development investments not constituting qualified investments. RUS may condition such approval, if granted, on such requirements and restrictions as RUS may determine to be in the best interests of the Government, including, without limitation, the borrower's agreement to limit dividends or distributions of capital by an amount specified by RUS. Requests for such approvals must be submitted in writing to the relevant RUS regional office and shall include:

(1) A description of the rural development project and the type of investment to be made, such as a loan, guarantee, stock purchase or equity investment;

(2) A reasonable estimate of the amount the borrower is committed to provide to the rural development project including investments that may be required in the future; and

(3) A pro forma balance sheet and cash flow statement for the period covering the borrower's future commitments to the rural development project.

(c) In determining whether to approve a rural development investment that may cause the borrower to exceed the maximum investment ratio or to fall below the minimum total assets ratio in the future, RUS will consider annual increases to the borrower's net worth and total assets as might be reasonably anticipated from the borrower's normal operations.