7 CFR § 1744.68 - Order and method of advances of telephone loan funds.

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§ 1744.68 Order and method of advances of telephone loan funds.

(a) Borrowers may specify the sequence of advances of funds under any combination of approved telephone loans from RUS or FFB, except that for all loans approved on or after November 1, 1993, the borrower may use loan funds:

(1) Only for purposes for which that type of loan (i.e. Hardship, RUS cost-of-money, or FFB) may be made; and

(2) Only in exchanges that qualify for the type of loan from which the funds are drawn.

(b) The first or subsequent advances of loan funds may be conditioned on the satisfaction of certain requirements stated in the borrower's loan contract.

(c) Normally, only one payment is made by the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) for an advance of funds.

(d) Borrowers of RUS funds may request advances by wire service only for amounts greater than $500,000 or for advances to borrowers outside the Continental United States. FFB advances in any amount over $100,000 can be sent by wire service.

(e) The following information shall be included with the FRS:

(1) Name and address of borrower's bank.

(2) If borrower's bank is not a member of the Federal Reserve System, the name and address of its correspondent bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System.

(3) American Bankers Association (ABA) nine digit identifier of the receiving banks (routing number and check digit).

(4) Borrower's bank account title and number.

(5) Any other necessary identifying information.

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