7 CFR § 1753.37 - Plans and specifications (P&S).

§ 1753.37 Plans and specifications (P&S).


(1) Prior to the preparation of P&S, the borrower shall review with the GFR the current and future requirements for central office equipment.

(2) The P&S shall specify the delivery and completion time required for each exchange.

(3)P&S for equipment to be provided under an Equipment Contract, RUS Contract Form 395 (RUS Contract Form 395) contract without installation shall require the supplier to provide specific installation information and a detailed bonding and grounding plan to be utilized by the engineer, borrower, and others responsible for the installation of the equipment.

(b)Preparation of P&S. The P&S shall include RUS Contract Form 395, Notice and Instructions to Bidders, specifications for the required equipment for each exchange, provision for spare parts, and all other pertinent data needed by the bidder to complete its proposal.

(c)RUS review of P&S is required for construction estimated to cost over $500,000 total or estimated to cost more than 25% of the total loan, whichever is less.

(1) If RUS review is required, the borrower shall submit one copy of the P&S to the GFR for RUS review.

(2)RUS will review the P&S and notify the borrower in writing of approval or disapproval.

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