7 CFR § 1786.164 - Loan fund audit.

§ 1786.164 Loan fund audit.

In the event that a borrower shall prepay all its outstanding electric loans RUS shall have the right to audit within six (6) months of closing transactions involving the RUS Construction Fund Account established and maintained by the borrower pursuant to the terms of the RUS Loan Contract and to inspect all books, records, accounts, and other documents and papers of the borrower. Should RUS determine that the borrower has made disbursements of funds advanced pursuant to the RUS Loan Contracts which do not comply with the requirements thereof, the borrower shall be required to pay the RUS an amount equal to the difference between the amount which the borrower prepaid under this subpart with respect to such advances, and the amount which the borrower would otherwise have been required to return to the RUS as a result of noncompliance if the borrower had not prepaid such advances, plus interest. (See 7 CFR part 1721, Post-Loan Policies and Procedures for Insured Electric Loans.)