7 CFR § 1822.268 - Rates, terms, and source of funds.

§ 1822.268 Rates, terms, and source of funds.

(a) Interest rate. Upon request of the applicant, the interest rate charged by Rural Development will be the lower of the interest rates in effect at the time of loan approval or loan closing. If an applicant does not indicate a choice, the loan will be closed at the interest rate in effect at the time of loan approval. Interest rates are specified in exhibit B of RD Instruction 440.1 (available in any RD office) for the type assistance involved.

(b) Repayment period. Final payment will be due 2 years after the date of the loan. When necessary to carry out the loan purposes, the national office may authorize extension of maturity dates. As lots are sold before the final due date of the note, the proceeds of the sales will be applied on the account or any prior lien, or, with the prior approval of the national office, used in a manner consistent with the purposes of the loan and the security interest of the Government.

(c) Source of funds. Loans under this subpart will be made as insured loans, except that loans under § 1822.278 to develop building sites for sale in connection with self-help projects will be made as direct loans.

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