7 CFR § 1822.274 - Loan closing.

§ 1822.274 Loan closing.

(a) Applicable instructions. The complete loan docket will be sent to the OGC for loan closing instructions. RHS loans will be closed in accordance with applicable provisions of subpart B of part 1927 of this chapter, and State Instructions which supplement this Instruction, and closing instructions of the OGC, and with the assistance of the approved attorney, representatives of the title insurance company, or local attorney, whichever is appropriate.

(b) Mortgage. Unless the OGC determines the Form to be inappropriate, real estate mortgage Form RD 3550-14, “Real Estate Mortgage or Deed of Trust for (state),” will be used for all RHS section 524 loans modified as prescribed by or with the advice of the OGC with respect to the name, address, and other identification of the borrower, the style of execution, and the acknowledgement. Additional paragraphs will be included in the mortgage to read as follows:

The borrower agrees not to discriminate in the sale of the dwelling financed under this mortgage due to a prospective purchaser's race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, marital status, or handicap. The borrower further agrees to comply with all Federal, State, or local laws and ordinances prohibiting discrimination in the sale of housing. The borrower's failure or refusal to comply with this agreement will be a basis for Rural Development to deny future requests for participation in its rural housing programs and activities.

This instrument also secures the obligations and covenants of borrower set forth in Borrower's Loan Resolution of _____ (date), which is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

(c) Promissory note. Form RD 3560-52, “Promissory Note,” will be used. Instructions for preparation will be in accordance with the FMI and the following:

(1) The total amount to be shown in the note will be the amount of the loan shown on Form RD 3560-51. The note will be dated the date of the loan closing.

(2) The note will be signed in accordance with subpart B of part 1927 of this chapter and the forms manual insert for Form RD 3560-52 (available in RD office).

(3) Payments shall not be deferred.

(d) Recorded mortgage. When the real estate mortgage is returned by the recording official, the county supervisor will retain the original in the borrower's case folder. If the original is retained by the recording official for the county records, a conformed copy including the recording data showing the date and place of recordation and book and page number will be prepared and filed in the borrower's case folder. A copy of the mortgage will be delivered to the borrower but will be conformed only if required by State law or if it is the custom of other lenders in the area.

(e) Date of loan closing. An RHS loan is considered closed when the mortgage is filed of record.

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