7 CFR § 1924.265 - Eligibility for compensation for construction defects.

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§ 1924.265 Eligibility for compensation for construction defects.

(a) To be eligible for assistance under this subpart, the following criteria must be met:

(1) The approval official, in consultation with the State Architect/Engineer and/or Construction Inspector, must determine that:

(i) The construction is defective in workmanship, material or equipment, or

(ii) The dwelling or unit has not been built in substantial compliance with the approved drawings and specifications, or

(iii) The dwelling or unit does not comply with the Rural Development construction standards in effect at the time the loan was approved or the conditional commitment was issued, or

(iv) The property does not meet code requirements.

(2) The claim must be for one or more of the following:

(i) To pay for repairs;

(ii) To compensate the owner for repairs;

(iii) To pay emergency living or other expenses resulting from the defect; or

(iv) To acquire title to property.

(3) The dwelling or unit must be newly constructed as defined in § 1924.253 of this subpart and financed with an insured Section 502 RH loan.

(4) The claim seeking compensation from Rural Development must be filed with Rural Development within 18 months after the date financial assistance is granted. Defects for which claims are filed beyond the 18-month period must have been documented by Rural Development in the borrower's case file or on the form designated by Rural Development (available in any Rural Development office), prior to expiration of the 18-month period. For loans made to construct a new dwelling or erect a new manufactured housing unit, financial assistance is granted on the date of final construction inspection and acceptance by the borrower and Rural Development. Claims must be submitted by completing the designated form (available in any Rural Development office).

(5) Any obligation of the contractor to correct the defect(s) under a contractor's warranty must have expired, or the contractor is responsible for making corrections under the contractor's warranty but is unable or unwilling to do so.

(b) Subsequent owners of eligible dwellings or units who are also Section 502 borrowers may be eligible to receive compensation for construction defects. These owners will be notified in accordance with § 1924.258 of this subpart. However, the claim for compensation must be filed in accordance with paragraph (a)(4) of this section within the 18-month period established for the original rural housing (RH) borrower.