7 CFR § 1944.52 - Definitions.

§ 1944.52 Definitions.

References in this subpart to County, District, State, National and Finance Offices, and to County Supervisor, District Director, State Director, and Administrator refer to Rural Development offices and officials and should be read as prefaced by Rural Development. Terms used in this subpart have the following meanings:

Colonias. As defined in exhibit C of subpart L of part 1940 of this chapter.

Complete application package (hereafter called package). The package submitted to the appropriate Rural Development office which is considered acceptable in accordance with exhibit C of this subpart.

Cost reimbursement. Amount determined by the Administrator that equals the customary and reasonable costs incurred in preparing a package for a loan or grant. These amounts are included in exhibit B of this subpart.

Designated counties. These counties are listed in exhibit D of this subpart. The counties meet the following criteria:

(1) Twenty percent or more of the county population is at or below the poverty level based on the most recent 5-year survey of the American Community Survey of the Census Bureau or other Census Bureau data if needed; and

(2) Ten percent or more of the occupied housing units are substandard based on the most recent decennial Census of the United States.

Organization. Any of the following entities which are legally authorized to work in designated counties and/or colonias and are:

(1) A State, State agency, or unit of general local government or;

(2) A private nonprofit organization or corporation that is owned and controlled by private persons or interests, is organized and operated for purposes other than making gains or profits for the corporation, and is legally precluded from distributing any gains or profits to its members.

Packager. Any eligible organization which is reimbursed with Housing Application Packaging Grants (HAPG) funds.

Technical assistance. Any assistance necessary to carry out housing efforts by or for very low- and low-income individuals/families to improve the quality and/or quantity of housing available to meet their needs. Such assistance must include, but is not limited to:

(1) Contacting and assisting very low- and low-income families in need of adequate housing by:

(i) Implementing an organized outreach program using available media and personal contacts;

(ii) Explaining available housing programs and alternatives to increase the awareness of very low- and low-income families and to educate the community as to the benefits from improved housing;

(iii) Assisting very low- and low-income families in locating adequate housing; and

(iv) Developing and packaging loan/grant applications for new construction and/or rehabilitation, or repair of existing housing.

(2) Contacting and assisting eligible applicants to develop multi-family housing loan/grant applications for new construction, rehabilitation, or repair to serve very low- and low-income families.

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