7 CFR § 1955.101 - Purpose.

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§ 1955.101 Purpose.

This subpart delegates program authority and prescribes policies and procedures for the sale of inventory property including real estate, related real estate rights, and chattels. It also covers the granting of easements and rights-of-way on inventory property. Credit sales of inventory property to ineligible (non-program (NP)) purchasers will be handled in accordance with Subpart J of Part 1951 of this chapter, except Community and Business Programs (C&BP) and Multi-Family Housing (MFH) which will be handled in accordance with this Subpart. In addition, credit sales of Single Family Housing (SFH) properties converted to MFH will be handled in accordance with this Subpart.This subpart does not apply to Farm Service Agency, Farm Loan Programs, Single Family Housing (SFH) inventory property, or to the Rural Rental Housing, Rural Cooperative Housing, and Farm Labor Housing Programs. In addition, this subpart does not apply to Water and Waste Programs of the Rural Utilities Service, Watershed loans, and Resource Conservation and Development loans, which are serviced under part 1782 of this title.

[72 FR 55019, Sept. 28, 2007, as amended at 72 FR 64123, Nov. 15, 2007]