7 CFR § 1955.115 - Sales steps for nonprogram (NP) property (housing).

§ 1955.115 Sales steps for nonprogram (NP) property (housing).

The appropriate Rural Development office will take the following steps after repairs, if economically feasible, are completed. The appraisal will be updated to reflect changes in market conditions, repairs and improvements, if any. Form RD 1955-43 for SFH and 1955-40 for MFH will be completed to offer the property for sale. The advertising requirements and deed restrictions in § 1955.116 of this subpart apply if the property does not meet Rural Development DSS standards.

(a) Single Family Housing. Sales steps will be the same as for program properties as provided in § 1955.114(a) of this subpart, except that sales must be for cash in accordance with § 1955.118 or credit on NP terms as provided in subpart J of part 1951 of this chapter. See exhibit D of this subpart (available in any Rural Development office) which outlines chronologically the sales steps for NP properties.

(1) Sale by sealed bid or auction. If a NP property has not sold within 150 days after being offered for sale, the inventory case file with documentation of marketing efforts will be submitted to the State Director. The State Director will authorize sale by sealed bid or auction in accordance with § 1955.112(c) of this subpart unless additional sales methods appear more prudent. Use of the sealed bid or auction method may be considered as an initial sales effort under special or unusual circumstances such as, but not limited to, structures which have been substantially destroyed by fire or other causes.

(2) Sale as chattel. If efforts to sell NP property by sealed bid or auction prove unsuccessful, the structure(s) may be sold as chattel (for chattel or salvage value, as appropriate) when authorized by the State Director. When the structure is to be sold as chattel (exclusive of land) further guidance is provided in §§ 1955.121, 1955.122 and 1955.141(b) of this subpart. If no offer is received, the structure(s) may be demolished and removed from the site and then the site offered for sale. If this method is utilized, Rural Development will attempt to have the structure removed in exchange for the salvageable materials by contract, otherwise, will solicit for contracts to have the structure removed in accordance with Rural Development Instruction 2024-A (available in any Rural Development office).

(3) Sale of vacant land. When Rural Development has vacant land in inventory which was security for an SFH loan, the land will be sold in accordance with this subparagraph. When the lot meets the requirements of 7 CFR part 3550, and a program applicant desires to purchase the lot and construct a dwelling, a credit sale will not be made. Instead, one section 502 loan will be made which will include funds for the purchase of the lot and construction of a dwelling. Otherwise, the lot will be sold for cash or on NP terms with a loan not to exceed ten years in term and amortization.

(b) Multiple family housing. Sales steps will be the same as for program MFH property as provided in § 1955.114(b) of this subpart except that sales must be for cash or on NP terms as set forth in § 1955.118 of this subpart. Additionally, if cash offers are received, they will be given first preference by drawing from the cash offers only. If the State Director determines an auction sale should be used to sell NP MFH property, authority to use that method of sale must be requested from the Assistant Administrator, Housing. Inventory files, including information on the acquisition, marketing efforts made, management of the property, other pertinent information, a memorandum covering the facts of the case, and recommendations of the State Director must be submitted for review. If the housing is sold out of the Rural Development program as NP property, the closing of the sale may not take place until tenants have received all notifications and benefits afforded to tenants in prepaying projects in accordance with 7 CFR part 3560, subpart N.

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