7 CFR § 1955.128 - Appraisers.

§ 1955.128 Appraisers.

(a) Real property. The State Director may authorize the County Supervisor or District Director to procure fee appraisals of inventory property, except MFH properties, to expedite the sale of inventory real or chattel property. (Fee appraisals of MFH properties will only be authorized by the Assistant Administrator, Housing, when unusual circumstances preclude the use of a qualified Rural Development MFH appraiser.) The decision will be based on the availability of comparables, the capability and availability of personnel, and the number and type of properties (such as large farms and business property) requiring valuation. For Farmer Programs real estate properties, all contract (fee) appraisers should include the sales comparison, income (when applicable), and the cost approach to value. All Rural Development real estate contract appraisers must be certified as State-Certified General Appraisers.

(b) Chattel property. For Farmer Programs chattel appraisals, the contractor/appraiser completing the report must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

(1) Certification by a National or State appraisal society.

(2) If the contractor is not a certified appraiser and a certified appraiser is not available, the contractor may qualify or may use other qualified appraisers, if the contractor can establish that he/she or that the appraiser meets the criteria for a certification in a National or State appraisal society.

(3) The appraiser has recent, relevant, documented appraisal experience or training, or other factors clearly establish the appraiser's qualifications.

[58 FR 58650, Nov. 3, 1993]