7 CFR § 1955.138 - Property subject to redemption rights.

§ 1955.138 Property subject to redemption rights.

If, under State law, Rural Development's interest may be sold subject to redemption rights, the property may be sold provided there is no apparent likelihood of its being redeemed.

(a) A credit sale of a program or suitable property subject to redemption rights may be made to a program applicant when the property meets the standards for the respective loan program. In areas where State law does not provide for full recovery of the cost of repairs during the redemption period, a program sale is generally precluded unless the property already meets program standards.

(b) Each purchaser will sign a statement acknowledging that:

(1) The property is subject to redemption rights according to State law, and

(2) If the property is redeemed, ownership and possession of the property would revert to the previous owner and likely result in loss of any additional investment in the property not recoverable under the State's provisions of redemption.

(c) The signed original statement will be filed in the purchaser's County or District Office case file.

(d) If real estate brokers or auctioneers are engaged to sell the property, the County Supervisor or District Director will inform them of the redemption rights of the borrower and the conditions under which the property may be sold.

(e) The State Director, with prior approval of OGC, will issue a State supplement incorporating the requirements of this section and providing additional guidance appropriate for the State.

[50 FR 23904, June 7, 1985, as amended at 53 FR 27837, July 25, 1988]