7 CFR § 1956.54 - Definitions.

§ 1956.54 Definitions.

Adjustment. The reduction of a debt or claim conditioned upon completion of payment of the adjusted amount at a specific future time or times, with or without the payment of any consideration when the adjustment offer is approved. An adjustment is not a final settlement until all payments under the adjustment agreement(s) have been made.

Amount of debt. The outstanding balance of the amount loaned including principal and interest plus any outstanding advances, including interest, and subsidy to be recaptured made by the Government on behalf of the borrower.

Cancellation. The final discharge of a debt without any payment on it.

Chargeoff. The writing off of a debt and termination of collection activity without release of personal liability.

Compromise. The satisfaction of a debt or claim by the acceptance of a lump-sum payment of less than the total amount owed on the debt or claim.

Debt forgiveness. For the purposes of servicing Farm Loan Programs loans, debt forgiveness is defined as a reduction or termination of a direct FLP loan in a manner that results in a loss to the Government. Included, but not limited to, are losses from a writedown or writeoff under 7 CFR part 766, debt settlement, after discharge under the provisions of the bankruptcy code, and associated with release of liability. Debt cancellation through conservation easements or contracts is not considered debt forgiveness for loan servicing purposes.

Debtor. The borrower of funds under any of the FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 programs. This includes co-signors, guarantors and persons or entities that initially obtained or assumed a loan. Debtor also includes grant recipients.

Farm Loan Programs (FLP) loans. Farm Ownership (FO), Operating (OL), Soil and Water (SW), Economic Emergency (EE), Emergency (EM), Recreation (RL), Special Livestock (SL), Softwood Timber (ST) loans, and/or Rural Housing Loans for farm services buildings (RHF).

Housing programs. All programs and claims arising under programs administered by FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 under title V of the Housing Act of 1949.

Servicing office. The FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 office that is responsible for the account.

Settlement. The compromise, adjustment, cancellation, or chargeoff of a debt owed to FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354. The term “Settlement” is used for convenience in referring to compromise, adjustment, cancellation, or chargeoff actions, individually or collectively.

United States Attorney. An attorney for the United States Department of Justice.

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