7 CFR § 2.7 - Authority to supervise and direct.

§ 2.7 Authority to supervise and direct.

Unless specifically reserved, or otherwise delegated (including delegations of legal functions to the General Counsel at § 2.31), the delegations of authority to each general officer of the Department and each agency head contained in this part includes the authority to direct and supervise the employees engaged in the conduct of activities under such official's jurisdiction, and the authority to take any action, execute any document, authorize any expenditure, promulgate any rule, regulation, order, or instruction required by or authorized by law and deemed by the general officer or agency head to be necessary and proper to the discharge of his or her responsibilities. This authority will be exercised subject to applicable administrative directives. Unless otherwise provided, a general officer or agency head may, subject to his or her continuing responsibility for the proper discharge of delegations made to him, in this part, delegate and provide for the redelegation of his or her authority to appropriate officers and employees. Subject to the general supervision of the Secretary, agency heads who are delegated authority from a general officer, in this part, report to and are under the supervision of that general officer.

[60 FR 56393, Nov. 8, 1995, as amended at 83 FR 22179, May 14, 2018]