7 CFR § 215.7a - Fluid milk and non-dairy milk substitute requirements.

§ 215.7a Fluid milk and non-dairy milk substitute requirements.

Fluid milk and non-dairy fluid milk substitutes served must meet the requirements as outlined in this section.

(a) Types of fluid milk. All fluid milk served in the Program must be pasteurized fluid milk which meets State and local standards for such milk, have vitamins A and D at levels specified by the Food and Drug Administration, and must be consistent with State and local standards for such milk. Lactose-free and reduced-lactose milk that meet the fat content and flavor specifications for each age group may also be offered. Fluid milk must also meet the following requirements:

(1) Children 1 year old. Children one year of age must be served unflavored whole milk.

(2) Children 2 through 5 years old. Children two through five years old must be served either unflavored low-fat (1 percent) or unflavored fat-free (skim) milk.

(3) Children 6 years old and older. Children 6 years old and older must be served low-fat (1 percent fat or less) or fat-free (skim) milk. Milk may be flavored or unflavored.

(b) Fluid milk substitutes. Non-dairy fluid milk substitutions that provide the nutrients listed in the following table and are fortified in accordance with fortification guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration may be provided for non-disabled children who cannot consume fluid milk due to medical or special dietary needs when requested in writing by the child's parent or guardian. A school or day care center need only offer the non-dairy beverage that it has identified as an allowable fluid milk substitute according to the following table.

Nutrient Per cup (8 fl oz)
Calcium 276 mg.
Protein 8 g.
Vitamin A 500 IU.
Vitamin D 100 IU.
Magnesium 24 mg.
Phosphorus 222 mg.
Potassium 349 mg.
Riboflavin 0.44 mg.
Vitamin B–12 1.1 mcg.
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