7 CFR § 247.34 - Management reviews.

§ 247.34 Management reviews.

(a) What must the State agency do to ensure that local agencies meet program requirements and objectives? The State agency must establish a management review system to ensure that local agencies, subdistributing agencies, and other agencies conducting program activities meet program requirements and objectives. As part of the system, the State agency must perform an on-site review of all local agencies, and of all storage facilities utilized by local agencies, at least once every two years. As part of the on-site review, the State agency must evaluate all aspects of program administration, including certification procedures, nutrition education, civil rights compliance, food storage practices, inventory controls, and financial management systems. In addition to conducting on-site reviews, the State agency must evaluate program administration on an ongoing basis by reviewing financial reports, audit reports, food orders, inventory reports, and other relevant information.

(b) What must the State agency do if it finds that a local agency is deficient in a particular area of program administration? The State agency must record all deficiencies identified during the review and institute follow-up procedures to ensure that local agencies and subdistributing agencies correct all deficiencies within a reasonable period of time. To ensure improved program performance in the future, the State agency may require that local agencies adopt specific review procedures for use in reviewing their own operations and those of subsidiaries or contractors. The State agency must provide copies of review reports to FNS upon request.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0584-0293)