7 CFR § 274.5 - Record retention and forms security.

§ 274.5 Record retention and forms security.

(a) Availability of records.

(1) The State agency shall maintain issuance, inventory, reconciliation, and other accountability records for a period of three years as specified in § 272.1(f) of this chapter. This period may be extended at the written request of FNS.

(2) In lieu of the records themselves, easily retrievable microfilm, microfiche, or computer tapes which contain the required information may be maintained.

(b) Control of issuance documents. The State agency shall control all issuance documents which establish household eligibility while the documents are transferred and processed within the State agency. The State agency shall use numbers, batching, inventory control logs, or similar controls from the point of initial receipt through the issuance and reconciliation process.

(c) Accountable documents.

(1) EBT cards shall be considered accountable documents. The State agency shall provide the following minimum security and control procedures for these documents:

(i) Secure storage;

(ii) Access limited to authorized personnel;

(iii) Bulk inventory control records;

(iv) Subsequent control records maintained through the point of issuance or use; and

(v) Periodic review and validation of inventory controls and records by parties not otherwise involved in maintaining control records.

(2) For notices of change which initiate, update or terminate the master issuance file, the State agency shall, at a minimum, provide secure storage and shall limit access to authorized personnel.