7 CFR § 277.10 - Program income.

§ 277.10 Program income.

(a) Program income is gross income resulting from activities financed with program funds. Such earnings exclude interest income but include income from service fees, usage or rental fees, sale of assets purchased with program funds, and royalties on patents and copyrights.

(b) Interest earned on advances of program administrative funds shall be remitted to FNS except for interest earned on advances to States or instrumentalities of a State as provided by the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968 (Pub. L. 90–577) and advances to tribal organizations under the Indian Self-Determination Act (sections 102 through 104).

(c) Income resulting from the sale of real and personal property whose acquisition cost was borne in whole or in part with Program funds shall be remitted to FNS or applied to the Federal share of current program costs in accordance with § 277.13. All other sales proceeds will be handled in accordance with § 277.13.

(d) Unless there is a prior agreement between FNS and the State agency, the State agency shall have no obligation to FNS with respect to royalties received from copyrights or patents produced as a result of activities financed with program administrative funds.

(e) Any other income earned under activities supported by program administrative funds may be retained by the State agency if they are deducted from the gross program administrative costs for the purposes of determining net costs and FNS's share of net cost.

(f) State agencies shall record the receipt and expenditure of revenues such as taxes, special assessments, levies, fines, etc., as a part of program fund transactions when such revenues are specifically earmarked for program fund projects.