7 CFR § 2811.4 - Initial requests for records.

§ 2811.4 Initial requests for records.

(a) Background. The head of each OO division, each OO contracting officer, each OO leasing officer, and the OO FOIA officer is authorized to:

(1) Grant or deny requests for OO records.

(2) Make discretionary release of OO records when it is determined that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the public and/or private ones in withholding.

(3) Reduce or waive fees to be charged where determined to be appropriate.

(4) Refer a request to the OO FOIA Officer for determination.

(b) Procedures. Persons wishing to request records from the Office of Operations may do so as follows:

(1) How. Submit each initial request for OO records as prescribed in 7 CFR 1.6.

(2) Where. Submit each initial request to the head of the unit that maintains the records. See Appendix A, List of Addresses. Contact the FOIA Officer for guidance as needed. Or, submit the request to the FOIA Officer for forwarding to the proper officials: FOIA Officer, Office of Operations, USDA, Room 134-W Administration Building, 14th & Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20250.