7 CFR § 319.7-5 - Appeal of denial or revocation.

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§ 319.7-5 Appeal of denial or revocation.

(a) All denials of an application for a permit, or revocations of an existing permit, will be provided in writing, including by electronic methods, as promptly as circumstances permit and will include the reasons for the denial or revocation.

(b) Any person whose application for a permit has been denied or whose permit has been revoked may appeal the decision in writing to APHIS within 10 business days from the date the communication of notification of the denial or revocation of the permit was received. The appeal must state all facts and reasons upon which the person is relying to show that the denial or revocation was incorrect.

(c) APHIS will grant or deny the appeal in writing and will state in writing the reason for the decision. The denial or revocation will remain in effect during the resolution of the appeal.