7 CFR § 3430.310 - Allocation of AFRI funds.

§ 3430.310 Allocation of AFRI funds.

(a) General. The Secretary shall decide the allocation of funds among research, education, extension, and integrated multifunctional projects in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the allocation restrictions found in this section.

(b) Integrated programs. Not less than 30 percent of funds allocated to AFRI each fiscal year shall be used to fund integrated programs.

(c) FASE awards.

(1) Each fiscal year, a percentage of AFRI funding (no less than 10 percent of the available funding) will be awarded as FASE awards. This percentage requirement may be adjusted by the Secretary based upon priorities and stakeholder input.

(2) The Secretary shall use not less than 25 percent of the funds made available for FASE grants to provide fellowships to outstanding pre- and postdoctoral students for research in the agricultural sciences.

(d) Rapid Response Food and Agricultural Science for Emergency Issues Awards. The Secretary may allocate some funding to address emergency issues in the food and agricultural sciences as determined by the Secretary. Letters of intent and applications may be requested, as appropriate. Although the solicitation and award processes may be expedited for these awards, NIFA will adhere to AFRI peer review and competitive requirements of this subpart.