7 CFR § 3430.506 - Matching requirements.

§ 3430.506 Matching requirements.

(a) General requirement. If a grant under this subpart provides a particular benefit to a specific agricultural commodity, the recipient of the grant is required to provide funds or in-kind support to match the amount of funds provided by NIFA.

(b) Indirect costs. Use of indirect costs as in-kind matching contributions is subject to § 3430.52(b).

(c) Waiver authority. NIFA may waive the matching requirement specified in paragraph (a) of this section with respect to a grant if NIFA determines that:

(1) The results of the project, while of particular benefit to a specific agricultural commodity, are likely to be applicable to agricultural commodities generally; or

(2) When all three of the following conditions are present:

(i) The project involves a minor commodity,

(ii) The project deals with scientifically important research, and

(iii) The grant recipient is unable to satisfy the matching funds requirement.

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