7 CFR § 3430.705 - Funding restrictions.

§ 3430.705 Funding restrictions.

(a) Facility costs. Funds made available under this subpart shall not be used for the construction of a new building or facility or the acquisition, expansion, remodeling, or alteration of an existing building or facility (including site grading and improvement, and architect fees).

(b) Indirect costs. Subject to § 3430.54, indirect costs are allowable for Federal assistance awards made by NIFA.

(c) Minimum allocations. After consultation with the Board, NIFA in cooperation with DOE, shall require that each of the three technical topic areas described in § 3430.704(a) receives not less than 15 percent of funds made available to carry out BRDI.

[76 FR 38549, July 1, 2011]