7 CFR § 352.4 - Documentation.

§ 352.4 Documentation.

(a)Manifest. Immediately upon the arrival of a carrier in the United States the owner shall make available to the inspector for examination a complete manifest or other documentation from which the inspector may determine whether there are on board any prohibited or restricted products or articles subject to this part, other than accompanied baggage and mail.

(b)Other documentation. Any notifications, reports, and similar documentation not specified in the regulations in this part, but necessary to carry out the purpose of the regulations, will be prescribed in administrative instructions.

(c)Procedure after examination of documents. After examination of the carrier cargo manifest or other documentation the inspector may notify the owner and the Customs officer that certain products or articles on board the carrier are subject to this part and may not be unloaded or landed for any purpose pending plant quarantine inspection. In such case the owner shall not unload or land such products or articles without authorization by an inspector.