7 CFR § 3550.106 - Dwelling requirements.

§ 3550.106 Dwelling requirements.

(a) Modest dwelling. The property must be one that is considered modest for the area, must not be designed for income producing purposes, or have a market value in excess of the applicable maximum area loan limit, in accordance with § 3550.63.

(b) Post-repair condition. Dwellings repaired with section 504 funds need not be brought to the agency development standards of 7 CFR part 1924, subpart A, nor must all existing hazards be removed. However, the dwelling may not continue to have major health or safety hazards.

(c) Construction standards. All work must be completed in accordance with local construction codes and standards. When potentially hazardous equipment or materials are being installed, all materials and installations must be in accordance with the applicable standards in 7 CFR part 1924, subpart A.

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