7 CFR § 3550.108 - Security requirements (loans only).

§ 3550.108 Security requirements (loans only).

When the total section 504 indebtedness is $7,500 or more, the property will be secured by a mortgage on the property, leasehold interest, or land purchase contract.

(a) RHS does not require a first lien position, but the total of all debts on the secured property may not exceed the value of the security, except by the amount of any required contributions to an escrow account for taxes and insurance and any required appraisal fee.

(b) Title clearance and the use of legal services generally must be conducted in accordance with 7 CFR part 1927, subpart B. These requirements need not be followed for:

(1) Loans where the total section 504 indebtedness does not exceed an amount determined by the Agency based on factors such as average costs for title insurance and closing agents compared to average housing repair costs, but no greater than twenty percent of the national average area loan limit.

(2) Subsequent loans made for minimal essential repairs necessary to protect the Government's interest.

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