7 CFR § 3555.52 - Lender approval.

§ 3555.52 Lender approval.

(a) Initial approval. The lender must apply for and receive approval from Rural Development to participate in the SFHGLP. Application forms are available from Rural Development.

(b) Conditions of approval. The lender must provide evidence to support their ability to originate, underwrite and/or service SFHGLP loans as outlined in § 3555.51(a), including evidence of the lender's internal loan criteria and quality control. New lenders will be subject to mandatory training prior to lender approval in accordance with Agency procedures.

(c) Termination of approval. Lender approval may be terminated in any of the following situations:

(1) Lapse of any eligibility requirement. In the event that a lender fails to meet any of the requirements described in § 3555.51, the lender must notify Rural Development immediately. Rural Development may terminate the lender's approval upon written notice and in accordance with the lender's agreement. The Agency may take other appropriate corrective action due to non-compliance with any of the requirements in this part and the lender's agreement. A lender whose approval has been terminated must sell any SFHGLP loans it holds to an approved lender immediately, and in no event later than 6 months, after termination of approval.

(2) Voluntary withdrawal. The lender may choose to end participation in the SFHGLP at any time. If the withdrawing lender has originated SFHGLP loans and obtained conditional commitments but has not closed the loans, or is holding or servicing SFHGLP loans, the lender must make arrangements prior to withdrawing for the transfer of such loans to lenders approved to participate in the SFHGLP.