7 CFR § 400.93 - Administrative review.

(a) With respect to adverse decisions, an appellant may seek one administrative review or seek mediation under § 400.94.

(b) If the appellant seeks an administrative review, the appellant must file a written request for administrative review with the reviewing authority in accordance with § 400.95. The written request must state the basis upon which the appellant relies to show that:

(1) The decision was not proper and not made in accordance with applicable program regulations and procedures; or

(2) All material facts were not properly considered in such decision.

(c) The reviewing authority will issue a written decision that will not be subject to further administrative review by the Agency.

[67 FR 13251, Mar. 22, 2002, as amended at 68 FR 37720, June 25, 2003; 74 FR 8704, Feb. 26, 2009]