7 CFR § 4279.174 - Transfer of lenders.

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§ 4279.174 Transfer of lenders.

(a) The Agency may approve the substitution of a new eligible lender in place of a former lender who has been issued and has accepted an outstanding Conditional Commitment when the Loan Note Guarantee has not yet been issued, provided that there are no changes in the borrower's ownership or control, loan purposes, or scope of project, and the loan terms and conditions in the Conditional Commitment and the loan agreement remain the same. Any request for a transfer of lender must be submitted in writing by the current lender, the proposed lender, and the borrower. The original lender must state the reason(s) it no longer desires to be the lender for the project.

(b) Unless the new lender is already an approved lender, the Agency will analyze the new lender's servicing capability, eligibility, and experience prior to approving the substitution. The substituted lender must execute a new part B of Form 4279-1, “Application for Loan Guarantee;” Form RD 4279-4, “Lender's Agreement” (unless a valid Lender's Agreement with the Agency already exists); and complete a new lender's analysis in accordance with § 4279.131. The new lender may also be required to provide other updated application items outlined in § 4279.161(b).