7 CFR § 4279.181 - Conditions precedent to issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee.

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§ 4279.181 Conditions precedent to issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee.

(a) The lender must not close the loan until all conditions of the Conditional Commitment are met. When loan closing plans are established, the lender must notify the Agency. Coincident with, or immediately after loan closing, the lender must provide the following to the Agency:

(1) An executed Form RD 4279–4, unless a valid Lender's Agreement exists that was issued after August 2, 2016;

(2) Form RD 1980–19 and appropriate guarantee fee;

(3) Copy of the executed promissory note(s);

(4) Copy of the executed loan agreement;

(5) Copy of the executed settlement statement;

(6) Original, executed Forms RD 4279–14, as required;

(7) Any other documents required to comply with applicable law or required by the Conditional Commitment.

(8) Borrower's loan closing balance sheet, supporting paragraph (a)(9)(i) of the lender certification, demonstrating required tangible balance sheet equity; and

(9) The lender's certification to each of the following certifications:

(i) The capital/equity requirement was determined, based on a balance sheet prepared in accordance with GAAP, and met, as of the date the guaranteed loan was closed, giving effect to the entirety of the loan in the calculation, whether or not the loan itself is fully advanced.

(ii) All requirements of the Conditional Commitment have been met.

(iii) No major changes have been made in the lender's loan conditions and requirements since the issuance of the Conditional Commitment, unless such changes have been approved by the Agency in writing.

(iv) There is a reasonable prospect that the guaranteed loan and other project debt will be repaid on time and in full (including interest) from project cash flow according to the terms proposed in the application for loan guarantee.

(v) All planned property acquisition has been or will be completed, all development has been or will be substantially completed in accordance with plans and specifications, conforms with applicable Federal, State, and local codes, and costs have not exceeded the amount approved by the lender and the Agency.

(vi) The borrower has marketable title to the collateral then owned by the borrower, subject to the instrument securing the loan to be guaranteed and to any other exceptions approved in writing by the Agency.

(vii) The loan has been properly closed, and the required security instruments have been properly executed or will be obtained on any acquired property that cannot be covered initially under State law.

(viii) Lien priorities are consistent with the requirements of the Conditional Commitment. No claims or liens of laborers, subcontractors, suppliers of machinery and equipment, materialmen, or other parties have been filed against the collateral, and no suits are pending or threatened that would adversely affect the collateral.

(ix) When required, personal and/or corporate guarantees have been obtained in accordance with § 4279.132.

(x) The loan proceeds have been or will be disbursed for purposes and in amounts consistent with the Conditional Commitment (or Agency-approved amendment thereof) and the application submitted to the Agency. When applicable, the entire amount of the loan for working capital has been disbursed to the borrower, except in cases where the Agency has approved disbursement over an extended period of time and funds are escrowed so that the settlement statement reflects the full amount to be disbursed.

(xi) All truth-in-lending and equal credit opportunity requirements have been met.

(xii) There has been neither any material adverse change in the borrower's financial condition nor any other material adverse change in the borrower, for any reason, during the period of time from the Agency's issuance of the Conditional Commitment to the issuance of the Loan Note Guarantee regardless of the cause or causes of the change and whether or not the change or causes of the change were within the lender's or borrower's control. The lender must address any assumptions or reservations in the requirement and must address all adverse changes of the borrower, any parent, affiliate, or subsidiary of the borrower, and guarantors.

(xiii) Neither the lender nor any of the lender's officers has an ownership interest in the borrower or is an officer or director of the borrower, and neither the borrower nor its officers, directors, stockholders, or other owners have more than a 5 percent ownership interest in the lender.

(xiv) The loan agreement includes all measures identified in the Agency's environmental impact analysis for this proposal with which the borrower must comply for the purpose of avoiding or reducing adverse environmental impacts of the project's construction or operation.

(xv) If required, hazard, flood, liability, workers compensation, and life insurance are in effect.

(b) The Agency may, at its discretion, request copies of additional loan documents for its file.

(c) When the Agency is satisfied that all conditions for the guarantee have been met, the Agency will issue the Loan Note Guarantee and the following documents, as appropriate.

(1) Assignment Guarantee Agreement. In the event the lender uses the single note option and assigns the guaranteed portion of the loan to a holder, the lender, holder, and the Agency will execute Form RD 4279–6 in accordance with § 4279.75(a); and

(2) Certificate of Incumbency. If requested by the lender, the Agency will provide the lender with a certification on Form RD 4279–7, “Certificate of Incumbency and Signature,” of the signature and title of the Agency official who signs the Loan Note Guarantee, Lender's Agreement, and Assignment Guarantee Agreement.