7 CFR § 4285.25 - Authorized use of cooperative agreement funds.

§ 4285.25 Authorized use of cooperative agreement funds.

Funds received for research under cooperative agreements in this program shall only be used for:

(a) Payment of salaries and necessary employee benefits of personnel as agreed upon in the Cooperative Agreement. Included are salaries and benefits of State employees assigned full-time to one or more projects, or the percent of the salaries and benefits related to project work for State employees assigned part-time to research on one or more projects. Salaries and benefits include basic salary, other compensation such as holiday pay, sick or annual leave, and personnel benefits (quarters allowance, payments to other funds such as employees' life insurance, health benefits, retirement, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), accident compensation, and similar payments). For any of the benefit items when the State usually pays the employer share, Federal funds may be used to pay the proportionate share of such employer contributions.

(b) Payment of necessary and reasonable office expenses such as office rental, office utilities, and office equipment rental. The purchase of office equipment is permissible when the cooperator determines it to be more economical than renting. However, as a general rule, these types of expenses would be classified as indirect costs in multiple funded organizations and would not be an allowable expense. Planned purchases of equipment costing more than $200 per unit must be approved by RDA or its successor agency. Equipment purchased becomes State property pursuant to the cooperative agreement.

(c) Payment of necessary and reasonable costs of printing publications of research project results. However, all such publications should show the RDA or its successor agency as cooperator in the project and bear the following statement: “State funds for this project (publication) were matched with Federal funds under the Federal-State Research on Cooperatives Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Administration or its successor agency, Cooperative Services, as provided by the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 and (appropriate) fiscal year appropriations.”

(d) Purchase of office supplies (such as paper, pens, pencils, and trade magazines) and postage needed for project activities.

(e) Payment of necessary and reasonable travel expenses.