7 CFR 633.3 - Administration.

§ 633.3 Administration.

(a) The regulations in this part will be administered under the general supervision and direction of the Chief.

(b) As determined by the Chief and the Administrator of the Farm Service Agency, the NRCS will seek the agreement of the Farm Service Agency in establishing policies, priorities, and guidelines related to the implementation of this part.

(c) The State Conservationist will consultation with the State Technical Committee, on program administration and related policy matters. No determination by the State Technical Committee shall compel the NRCS to take any action which the NRCS determines will not serve the purposes of the program established by this part.

(d) The NRCS may enter into cooperative agreements with Federal or State agencies and with private conservation organizations to assist the NRCS with educational efforts, agreement management and monitoring, program implementation assistance, and to assure a solid technical foundation for the program.

(e) The NRCS shall consult with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the implementation of the program and in establishing program policies.

(f) The Chief may allocate funds for such purposes related to special pilot programs for wetland management and monitoring, emergencies, cooperative agreements with other Federal or State agencies for program implementation, coordination of enrollment across State boundaries, or for other goals of the WBP found in this part.