7 CFR § 636.5 - National priorities.

§ 636.5 National priorities.

(a) The following national priorities will be used in WHIP implementation:

(1) Promote the restoration of declining or important native fish and wildlife habitats;

(2) Protect, restore, develop, or enhance fish and wildlife habitat to benefit at-risk species;

(3) Reduce the impacts of invasive species on fish and wildlife habitats;

(4) Protect, restore, develop, or enhance declining or important aquatic wildlife species' habitats; and

(5) Protect, restore, develop, or enhance important migration and other movement corridors for wildlife.

(b) NRCS, with advice of other Federal agencies, will undertake periodic reviews of the national priorities and the effects of program delivery at the State, tribal, and local levels to adapt the program to address emerging resource issues. NRCS will:

(1) Use the national priorities to guide the allocation of WHIP funds to the State offices;

(2) Use the national priorities in conjunction with State, tribal, and local priorities to assist with prioritization and selection of WHIP applications; and

(3) Periodically review and update the national priorities utilizing input from the public, Indian tribes, and affected stakeholders to ensure that the program continues to address priority resource concerns.