7 CFR § 760.1505 - General provisions.

§ 760.1505 General provisions.

(a) For loss calculations, the participant's unit structure will be:

(1) For an insured crop, the participant's existing unit structure established in accordance with part 457 of this title;

(2) For a crop with NAP coverage, the participant's existing unit structure established in accordance with part 1437 of this title;

(3) For an uninsured crop, the participant's unit structure established in accordance with part 1437 of this title.

(b) FSA county committees will make the necessary adjustments to assign production or reduce the 2017 WHIP yield or WHIP+ yield when the county committee determines:

(1) An acceptable appraisal or record of harvested production does not exist;

(2) The loss is due to an ineligible cause of loss;

(3) The loss is due to practices, soil type, climate, or other environmental factors that cause lower yields than those upon which the historic yield is based;

(4) The participant has a contract providing a guaranteed payment for all or a portion of the crop; or

(5) The crop was planted beyond the normal planting period for the crop.

(c) Assignment of production or reduction in yield will apply for practices that result in lower yields than those for which the historic yield is based.

(d) Eligibility and payments under this subpart will be determined based on a unit's:

(1) Physical location county for insured crops; and

(2) Administrative county for NAP covered crops and uninsured crops.

(e) FSA may separate or combine types and varieties as a crop for eligibility and payment purposes under this subpart when specific credible information as determined by FSA shows the crop of a specific type or variety has a significantly different or similar value, respectively, when compared to other types or varieties, as determined by the Deputy Administrator.

(f) Unless otherwise specified, all the eligibility provisions of part 1437 of this title apply to value loss crops and tropical crops under this subpart.

(g) The quantity or value of a crop will not be reduced for any quality consideration unless a zero value is established based on a total loss of quality, except as specified in § 760.1513(i).

(h) FSA will use the most reliable data available at the time payments under this subpart are calculated. If additional data or information is provided or becomes available after a payment is issued, FSA will recalculate the payment amount and the producer must return any overpayment amount to FSA. In all cases, payments can only issue based on the payment formula for losses that affirmatively occurred.

(i) A participant who received a payment for a loss under 2017 WHIP cannot:

(1) Be paid for the same loss under WHIP+; or

(2) Refund the 2017 WHIP payment to be eligible for payment for that loss under WHIP+.

[83 FR 33801, July 18, 2018, as amended 84 FR 48529, Sept. 13, 2019]