7 CFR § 760.306 - Application for payment.

§ 760.306 Application for payment.

(a) To apply for LFP, the participant that suffered eligible grazing losses:

(1) During 2008, must submit a completed application for payment and required supporting documentation to the administrative FSA county office no later than December 10, 2009 or

(2) During 2009 and later years, must submit a completed application for payment and required supporting documentation to the administrative FSA county office no later than 30 calendar days after the end of the calendar year in which the grazing loss occurred.

(b) A participant must also provide a copy of the grower contract, if a contract grower, and other supporting documents required for determining eligibility as an applicant at the time the participant submits the completed application for payment. Supporting documents must include:

(1) Evidence of loss,

(2) Current physical location of livestock in inventory,

(3) Evidence of meeting risk management purchase requirements as specified in subpart B,

(4) Evidence that grazing land or pastureland is owned or leased,

(5) A report of acreage according to part 718 of this chapter for the grazing lands incurring losses for which assistance is being requested under this subpart;

(6) Adequate proof, as determined by FSA that the grazing loss:

(i) Was for the covered livestock;

(ii) If the loss of grazing occurred as the result of a fire that the:

(A) Loss was due to a fire and

(B) Participant was prohibited by the Federal agency from grazing the normal permitted livestock on the managed rangeland due to a fire;

(iii) Occurred on or after January 1, 2008, and before October 1, 2011; and

(iv) Occurred in the calendar year for which payments are being requested;

(7) Adequate proof, absent an appropriate waiver (if there is a waiver, it itself must be documented by the producer), as determined by FSA, that the participant had obtained, for the grazing land incurring the losses for which assistance is being requested, one or both of the following:

(i) A policy or plan of insurance under the Federal Crop Insurance Act (7 U.S.C. 1501-1524); or

(ii) Filed the required paperwork, and paid the administrative fee by the applicable State filing deadline, for the noninsured crop disaster assistance program;

(8) Any other supporting documentation as determined by FSA to be necessary to make a determination of eligibility of the participant. Supporting documents include, but are not limited to: Verifiable purchase and sales records; grower contracts; veterinarian records; bank or other loan papers; rendering truck receipts; Federal Emergency Management Records; National Guard records; written contracts; production records; private insurance documents; sales records; and similar documents determined acceptable to FSA.

(c) Data furnished by the participant will be used to determine eligibility for program benefits. Furnishing the data is voluntary; however, without all required data, program benefits will not be approved or provided.