7 CFR § 760.4 - Normal marketings of milk.

§ 760.4 Normal marketings of milk.

(a) The county committee shall determine the affected farmer's normal marketings which, for the purposes of this subpart, shall be the sum of the quantities of whole milk which such farmer would have sold in the commercial market in each of the pay periods in the application period but for the removal of his whole milk from the commercial market because of the detection of a residue of a violating substance.

(b) Normal marketings for each pay period are based on the average daily production during the base period.

(c) Normal marketings determined in paragraph (b) of this section are adjusted for any change in the daily average number of cows milked during each pay period the milk is off the market compared with the average number of cows milked daily during the base period.

(d) If only a portion of a pay period falls within the application period, normal marketings for such pay period shall be reduced so that they represent only that part of such pay period which is within the application period.

[43 FR 10535, Mar. 14, 1978, as amended by Amdt. 1, 44 FR 36360, July 22, 1979]