7 CFR § 760.632 - Payment acres.

§ 760.632 Payment acres.

(a) Payment acres as calculated in this section are used in determining both total farm revenue and the SURE guarantee for a farm. Payment acreage will be calculated using the lesser of the reported or determined acres shown to have been planted or prevented from being planted to a crop.

(b) Initial crop acreage will be the payment acreage for SURE, unless the provisions for subsequent crops in this section are met. Subsequently planted or prevented planted acre acreage is considered acreage for SURE only if the provisions of this section are met. All plantings of an annual or biennial crop are considered the same as a planting of an initial crop in tropical regions as defined in part 1437, subpart F, of this title.

(c) In cases where there is double cropped acreage, each crop may be included in the acreage for SURE only if the specific crops are either insured crops eligible for double cropping according to RMA or approved by the FSA State committee as eligible double cropping practices in accordance with procedures approved by the Deputy Administrator.

(d) Except for insured crops, participants with double cropped acreage not meeting the criteria in paragraph (c) of this section may have such acreage included in the acreage for SURE on more than one crop only if the participant submits verifiable records establishing a history of carrying out a successful double cropping practice on the specific crops for which payment is requested.

(e) Participants having multiple plantings may have each planting included in the SURE guarantee only if the planting meets the requirements of part 1437 of this title and all other provisions of this subpart are satisfied.

(f) Provisions of part 718 of this title specifying what is considered prevented planting and how it must be documented and reported will apply to this payment acreage for SURE.

(g) Subject to the provisions of this subpart, the FSA county committee will:

(1) Use the most accurate data available when determining planted and prevented planted acres; and

(2) Disregard acreage of a crop produced on land that is not eligible for crop insurance or NAP.

(h) For any crop acreage for which crop insurance or NAP coverage is canceled, those acres will no longer be considered the initial crop and will, therefore, no longer be eligible for SURE.

(i) Notwithstanding any other provisions of these or other applicable regulations that relate to tolerance in part 718 of this title, if a farm has a crop that has both FSA and RMA acreage for in sured crops, payment acres for the SURE guarantee calculation will be based on acres for which an indemnity was received if RMA acres do not differ from FSA acres by more than the larger of 5 percent or 10 acres not to exceed 50 acres. If the difference between FSA and RMA acres is more than the larger of 5 percent or 10 acres not to exceed 50 acres, then the payment acres for the SURE guarantee will be calculated using RMA acres. In that case, the participant will be notified of the discrepancy and that refunds of unearned payments may be required after FSA and RMA reconcile acreage data.