7 CFR § 760.703 - Producer eligibility requirements.

§ 760.703 Producer eligibility requirements.

(a) A producer must meet all of the requirements in this subpart to be eligible for a CAP payment.

(b) To be eligible, a producer must be an individual or entity who is entitled to an ownership share of an eligible crop and who has the production and market risks associated with the agricultural production of the crop on a farm. An eligible producer must be a:

(1) Citizen of the United States;

(2) Resident alien, which for purposes of this subpart means “lawful alien” as defined in 7 CFR part 1400;

(3) Partnership of citizens of the United States; or

(4) Corporation, limited liability corporation, or other farm organizational structure organized under State law.

(c) To be eligible, a producer must have:

(1) Produced a 2009 crop year planted or considered planted long grain rice, medium or short grain rice, upland cotton, soybean, or sweet potato crop in a 2009 eligible disaster county, and

(2) Suffered a five percent or greater loss in an eligible disaster county in 2009. A list of the disaster counties for CAP is available on the FSA Web site and at FSA county offices.