7 CFR § 760.808 - General provisions.

§ 760.808 General provisions.

(a) For calculations of loss, the participant's existing unit structure will be used as the basis for the calculation established in accordance with:

(1) For insured crops, part 457 of this title; or

(2) For NAP covered crops, part 1437 of this title.

(b) County average yield for loss calculations will be the average of the 2001 through 2005 official county yields established by FSA, excluding the years with the highest and lowest yields, respectively.

(c) County committees will assign production or reduce the historic yield when the county committee determines:

(1) An acceptable appraisal or record of harvested production does not exist;

(2) The loss is due to an ineligible cause of loss or practices, soil type, climate, or other environmental factors that cause lower yields than those upon which the historic yield is based;

(3) The participant has a contract providing a guaranteed payment for all or a portion of the crop; or

(4) The crop was planted beyond the normal planting period for the crop.

(d) The county committee will establish a maximum average loss level that reflects the amount of production producers would have produced if not for the eligible damaging weather or related conditions in the area or county for the same crop. The maximum average loss level for the county will be expressed as either a percent of loss or yield per acre. The maximum average loss level will apply when:

(1) Unharvested acreage has not been appraised by FSA, or a company reinsured by FCIC; or

(2) Acceptable production records for harvested acres are not available from any source.

(e) Assignment of production or reduction in yield will apply for practices that result in lower yields than those for which the historic yield is based.