7 CFR § 760.813 - Determination of production.

§ 760.813 Determination of production.

(a) Production under this part includes all harvested production, unharvested appraised production, and assigned production for the total planted acreage of the crop on the unit.

(b) The harvested production of eligible crop acreage harvested more than once in a crop year includes the total harvested production from all these harvests.

(c) If a crop is appraised and subsequently harvested as the intended use, the actual harvested production must be taken into account to determine benefits. FSA will analyze and determine whether a participant's evidence of actual production represents all that could or would have been harvested.

(d) For all crops eligible for loan deficiency payments or marketing assistance loans with an intended use of grain but harvested as silage, ensilage, cobbage, hay, cracked, rolled, or crimped, production will be adjusted based on a whole grain equivalent as established by FSA.

(e) For crops with an established yield and market price for multiple intended uses, a value will be calculated by FSA with respect to the intended use or uses for disaster purposes based on historical production and acreage evidence provided by the participant and FSA will determine the eligible acres for each use.

(f) For crops sold in a market that is not a recognized market for the crop with no established county average yield and average market price, 42 percent of the salvage value received will be deducted from the disaster payment.

(g) If a participant does not receive compensation based upon the quantity of the commodity delivered to a purchaser, but has an agreement or contract for guaranteed payment for production, the determination of the production will be the greater of the actual production or the guaranteed payment converted to production as determined by FSA.

(h) Production that is commingled between units before it was a matter of record or combination of record and cannot be separated by using records or other means acceptable to FSA will be prorated to each respective unit by FSA. Commingled production may be attributed to the applicable unit, if the participant made the unit production of a commodity a matter of record before commingling and does any of the following, as applicable:

(1) Provides copies of verifiable documents showing that production of the commodity was purchased, acquired, or otherwise obtained from beyond the unit;

(2) Had the production measured in a manner acceptable to the county committee; or

(3) Had the current year's production appraised in a manner acceptable to the county committee.

(i) The county committee will assign production for the unit when the county committee determines that:

(1) The participant has failed to provide adequate and acceptable production records;

(2) The loss to the crop is because of a disaster condition not covered by this part, or circumstances other than natural disaster, and there has not otherwise been an accounting of this ineligible cause of loss;

(3) The participant carries out a practice, such as multiple cropping, that generally results in lower yields than the established historic yields;

(4) The participant has a contract to receive a guaranteed payment for all or a portion of the crop;

(5) A crop was late-planted;

(6) Unharvested acreage was not timely appraised; or

(7) Other appropriate causes exist for such assignment as determined by the Deputy Administrator.

(j) For peanuts, the actual production is all peanuts harvested for nuts, regardless of their disposition or use, as adjusted for low quality.

(k) For tobacco, the actual production is the sum of the tobacco: marketed or available to be marketed; destroyed after harvest; and produced but unharvested, as determined by an appraisal.