7 CFR § 780.5 - Decisions that are not appealable.

§ 780.5 Decisions that are not appealable.

(a) Decisions that are not appealable under this part shall include the following:

(1) Any general program provision or program policy or any statutory or regulatory requirement that is applicable to similarly situated participants;

(2) Mathematical formulas established under a statute or program regulation and decisions based solely on the application of those formulas;

(3) Decisions made pursuant to statutory provisions that expressly make agency decisions final or their implementing regulations;

(4) Decisions on equitable relief made by a State Executive Director or State Conservationist pursuant to Section 1613 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, Pub. L. 107-171;

(5) Decisions of other Federal or State agencies;

(6) Requirements and conditions designated by law to be developed by agencies other than FSA.

(7) Disapprovals or denials because of a lack of funding.

(8) Decisions made by the Administrator or a Deputy Administrator.

(b) A participant directly affected by an adverse decision that is determined not to be subject to appeal under this part may request an appealability review of the determination by the State Executive Director of the State from which the underlying decision arose in accordance with § 780.15.

(c) Decisions that FSA renders under this part may be reviewed by NAD under part 11 of this title to the extent otherwise allowed by NAD under its rules and procedures. An appealability determination of the State Executive Director in an administrative review is considered by FSA to be a new decision.