7 CFR § 906.51 - Reports.

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§ 906.51 Reports.

Upon request of the committee, made with the approval of the Secretary, each handler shall furnish to the committee, in such manner and at such time as it may prescribe, such reports and other information as may be necessary for the committee to perform its duties under this part.

(a) Such reports may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

(1) The quantities of fruit received by a handler;

(2) The quantities disposed of by him, segregated as to the respective quantities subject to regulation and not subject to regulation;

(3) The date of each such disposition and the identification of the carrier transporting such fruit;

(4) Identification of the inspection certificates, and the certificates of privilege, if any, pursuant to which the fruit was handled, together with the destination of each lot of fruit handled pursuant to § 906.41.

(b) All such reports shall be held under appropriate protective classification and custody of the committee, or duly appointed employees thereof, so that the information contained therein which may adversely affect the competitive position of any handler in relation to other handlers will not be disclosed. Compilations of general reports from data submitted by handlers is authorized, subject to prohibition of disclosure of individual handlers identities or operations.

(c) Each handler shall maintain for at least two succeeding years such records of the fruit received and disposed of by such handler as may be necessary to verify the reports he submits to the committee pursuant to this section.

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