7 CFR § 958.20 - Establishment and membership.

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§ 958.20 Establishment and membership.

(a) The Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee, consisting of six producer members, four handler members, and one public member is hereby established. Each shall have an alternate who shall have the same qualifications as the member.

(b) An alternate member of the committee shall act in the place and stead of the member for whom he is an alternate, during such member's absence or inability to act, and shall perform other duties as assigned. In the event of the death, removal, resignation or disqualification of a member, his alternate shall act for him until a successor for such member is selected and has qualified.

[22 FR 26, Jan. 3, 1957. Redesignated at 26 FR 12751, Dec. 30, 1961, as amended at 47 FR 8000, Feb. 24, 1982]