7 CFR § 958.25 - Duties.

§ 958.25 Duties.

It shall be the duty of the committee:

(a) At the beginning of each fiscal period, or as soon thereafter as practicable, to meet and organize, to select a chairman and such other officers as may be necessary, to select sub committees of committee members, and to adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its business as it may deem advisable;

(b) To act as intermediary between the Secretary and any producer or handler;

(c) To furnish to the Secretary such available information as he may request;

(d) To appoint such employees, agents, and representatives as it may deem necessary and to determine the salaries and define the duties of each such person;

(e) To investigate from time to time and to assemble data on the growing, harvesting, shipping and marketing conditions with respect to onions and to engage in such research and service activity which relate to the production, handling or marketing of onions as may be approved by the Secretary;

(f) To keep minutes, books, and records which clearly reflect all of the acts and transactions of the committee and such minutes, books, and records shall be subject to examination at any time by the Secretary or his authorized agent or representative;

(g) To make available to producers and handlers the committee voting record on recommended regulations and on other matters of policy;

(h) Prior to each fiscal period, to submit to the Secretary a budget of its proposed expenses for such fiscal period, together with a report thereon;

(i) To cause the books of the committee to be audited by a competent accountant at least once each fiscal period, and at such other time as the committee may deem necessary or as the Secretary may request; and the report of such audit shall show the receipt and expenditure of funds collected pursuant to this part; a copy of each such report shall be furnished to the Secretary and a copy of each such report shall be made available at the principal office of the committee for inspection by producers and handlers; and

(j) To consult, cooperate, and exchange information, with other onion marketing committees and other individuals or agencies in connection with all proper committee activities and objectives under this subpart; and

(k) To recommend nominees for the public member and alternate.

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