7 CFR § 958.28 - Nominations.

§ 958.28 Nominations.

Nominations from which the Secretary may select the members of the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee and their respective alternates may be made in the following manner:

(a) The committee shall hold or cause to be held prior to April 1 of each year, after the effective date of this subpart, one or more meetings of producers and of handlers in each of the districts, or portions of the production area, in which the then current terms of office will expire the following May 31;

(b) In arranging for such meetings the committee may, if it deems desirable, cooperate with existing organizations and agencies and may combine its meetings with others;

(c) Nominations for committee members and alternate members shall be supplied to the Secretary, in such manner and form as he may prescribe, not later than 30 days prior to the end of each fiscal period;

(d) Only producers may participate in designating nominees for producer committee members and their alternates and only handlers may participate in designating nominees for handler committee members and their alternates;

(e) Each person who is both a handler and a producer may vote either as a handler or as a producer and may select the group in which he will vote;

(f) Regardless of the number of districts in which a person produces or handles onions, each such person is entitled to cast only one vote on behalf of himself, his partners, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates and representatives, in designating nominees for committee members and alternates. In the event a person is a producer engaged in producing onions in more than one district, such person shall select the district within which he may participate as aforesaid in designating nominees. Similarly, a person who is a handler both in Malheur County, Oregon, and in the Idaho portion of the production area, may select either Malheur County or the Idaho portion of the production area in which to cast his vote for the applicable committee handler member and alternate. Each such handler shall also be entitled to cast his vote for the committee member and alternate to represent the production area-at-large. An eligible voter's privilege of casting only one vote, as aforesaid, shall be construed to permit such voter to cast one vote for each member and alternate position to be filled in the respective district or portion of the production area, as the case may be, in which he elects to vote; and

(g) The producer and handler members of the committee shall nominate the public member and alternate. The committee shall prescribe such additional qualifications, administrative rules and procedures for selection and voting for each candidate as it deems necessary and as the Secretary approves.

[22 FR 26, Jan. 3, 1957. Redesignated at 26 FR 12751, Dec. 30, 1961, as amended at 47 FR 8000, Feb. 24, 1982]